Reverse Logistics

All E-commerce companies and Appliance Manufacturing companies have a problem of customer return, carton damaged, warehouse damaged or End of life products material include fridge, washing machine, laptops, desktops, and TV etc. Reverse logistic is the process to re-evaluate, reuse, and refurbish the maximum of products and properly dispose of rest of the product.

Khanija Recycling is pioneers in Reverse logistics where we undertake the responsibility of providing professional service for our clients. In addition to improved customer relationship, Khanija Recycling ensures competitive monitor return based on efficient asset recovery. We have well equipped with a separate R&D division and a highly automated facility for End-to-End e-waste disposal. We believe in prolonging the lifespan of valuable materials by recycling all that we can. Hazardous Components obtained in this process are treated in the environmentally safe way & metal extraction is liquidated.

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