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Battery ScrapNow sell all your Lead Acid Batteries, SMF Batteries and Automobile batteries from Companies, organization, Households, and institutions. Khanija Recycling provides one of the best pricing in the market with all the certificates and compliances to recycle your battery scrap. We offer complete end-to-end services, to ensure that your batteries are recycled in the most environmentally and economically efficient way. Scrap batteries contain various metals including the lead that can be extracted and converted to cash.

The acid (distilled water) will need to be drained from the batteries prior to having Khanija Recycling come to collect the batteries. The batteries will then be weighed and you will get paid accordingly. In some cases, the batteries are weighed along with the distilled water & later adjusted while buying the batteries. Khanija Recycling requests customers to discuss any clarification regarding the responsible way of recycling batteries with our scrap battery appraiser at the time of the inquiry.

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